How to apply for a job at a publIX restaurant

Applications are being accepted at a new Publix restaurant in Sydney’s inner-west, with many expecting to see more applicants than ever before.

Key points:Publix has been busy recruiting staff since the Great RecessionPublIX announced it will increase its workforce from 200 to 300 employees in the next few monthsPublices are open from 11am to 8pm dailyA publX employee told that she and her colleagues were happy to see new applicants, but were disappointed to see applicants struggling to apply.

“I think the first thing I’ll say is that we’re just so excited about it,” Ms Kowal said.

“We’re very happy to have the new job application process open, we’ve seen a lot of applicants, some from NSW, some Queensland, a lot from overseas, some that came from overseas in their own time.”

The publx people have been very supportive and I think they’ve also been very helpful to our new staff.

“Ms Kowalko said she and the other applicants felt encouraged to apply after seeing that many had been working for the company for over two years.”

Some of them were actually working for us for almost three years, so I’m really excited to see what we can achieve with this,” she said.

Read more:The publisX company employs more than 200 people in Sydney, including the majority of employees in its restaurants.

The company says it is looking to hire 50 new staff in the coming weeks.

The recruitment drive began on September 1, with a job listing being posted for applicants aged between 16 and 40.

Ms Kovarik said she had heard positive comments about the job and was “very excited” to be applying for a position.”

Myself and all of my colleagues are very excited about this job, but also a lot more interested in how we can help our new colleagues, how we’re going to help them, how can we support them in their careers,” she added.

The job description for the position reads: “The position is responsible for planning, implementing and managing the daily operations of the publ x restaurants in Sydney.

This includes: scheduling and maintaining daily menu and menu management, as well as ensuring all publxs are safe and secure.

“A person may be asked to provide information about all pub lx restaurants and the operations in relation to their own, family or close friends.”

This position will also have a responsibility for overseeing the daily planning and planning of events to be held at pubs and locations throughout Sydney.

“The publsx website says applicants must have an “immediate understanding of publices and their systems and processes” and be able to work independently, and will be required to take an online test before starting work.


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