How to apply for a job at Applebee’s

Posted by NBC News on February 14, 2018 03:00:56Applebee’s, Chick-fil-A and Burger King have all been offered new jobs for 2019, according to an Associated Press article published Tuesday.Applebee�s said Tuesday it has hired eight new full-time associates, as well as one part-time assistant, to fill positions at restaurants in Texas, Ohio, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri and Virginia.

Chick-Fil-A announced Tuesday it is hiring two full-timers.

The company has not confirmed the number of full- and part-timings for its restaurants.

A Chick-in-the-A-Box spokesperson told NBC News that a new job posting is being submitted to the Texas Employment Development Agency (TEAD).

The TEAD said the position will be part-timer.

It said the full-timer is responsible for reviewing job applications, hiring applicants, and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the restaurants.

It did not say what the duties would be.

Chipotle said it hired a full-tiler in April, and said the new job is part-tiller.

The full- Tiler will report to the restaurant manager and supervise the day to day operations.

A Burger King spokesperson said in a statement that the company has a full team of part- and full- time associates working at its three Austin locations, including two full timers, in addition to a manager and two sales staff.

Burger King announced it is offering a new part-Tiler to fill an entry-level job at one of its locations.

It is a two-year full- or part- time job, and is expected to begin in late April, Burger King said.

Chipotle said its Austin location will begin hiring full-Tilers in April.

Chip-otle is not the first fast-food restaurant to announce a change in hiring strategy this year.

The restaurant chain also announced in February that it is looking for new hires to fill part-and-full positions at its Austin and Dallas locations.

The company said the hiring of part timers is a part of its commitment to the company�s workforce, and it has been working to ensure the full and full Tiler are focused on the people who will be needed in the field.


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