How to use eyelash mascara for the best results

How to apply eyelash eyelashes to your eyes for the most natural, natural looking lashes.

The eyelash application can be done on the same side of your face as your eyes, or on a different side.

If you are wearing mascara, you will need to apply mascara in a circular motion on the side of the eyelashes where you want the lashes to go, and you will also need to press your eyelashes firmly together.

To prevent clumps, you should use a pressure-fit brush to gently brush on the mascara to create a small, firm clump.

If your lashes are long, you may want to apply a pressure fitting brush to create more of a curl on your lashes.

If mascara clumps or dries out, simply rub a cotton swab on your face to remove excess mascara from your eyes.

If eyelash clumps on your eyelid, you can remove the mascara from the crease of your eyelids and apply it again to your eyelash line.

If the lashes are thin and do not curl around the edges of your eyes or have a flat look to them, you are probably not getting enough of the right amount of product on your eye lashes.

To add to this, a pressure fit brush can also be used to help create a tight, firm line on your lash line, and if you apply a brush in a downward motion, you have the ability to push your lashes down further into your eyes and create a more even, even curl.

When applying mascara, remember to hold the mascara on your index and middle fingers while applying it, and use a gentle pressure-fitting brush to keep the mascara in place and to avoid clumping.

If it is difficult to find mascara that does not clump, you could use a highlighter that has a sticky base that will help prevent clumping, or try the Mousse Face Perfect mascara, which is a gel-based mascara.

You could also try the eye mascara eyelash concealer.

If not using mascara, try using a lowlighter to give the eyelash a more subtle look and the Eye Mascara mascara.


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