What you need to know about the new job applications from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

Updated October 2018 What to do before applying for a job application:Check your CV or cover letter for spelling errors and spelling errors that could confuse you.

Apply with confidence and make sure you know what you’re applying for.

Ask about the job and cover letter requirements, as well as the job opportunities available in your area.

Do not hesitate to ask for clarification if you need clarification or a copy of your cover letter.

Read about what to do if you receive a phone call asking you for information or if you have a problem with the application.

Make sure you get the information before you apply.

The ACCC will call you if you cannot answer the phone or if the application is denied.

You may be asked to provide an e-mail address if you want to have your resume posted online, but do not send it to the ACCC.

Make an appointment to have the application sent to you.

Once the job application is posted online and your resume is online, you can apply for a new position, if you wish.

You may be given the choice to be considered for another job, if they offer you a position.

You can find a list of job postings by clicking here .

If you are an employee of an employer, you will need to complete an application form and sign a form to apply for the job.

If you do not want to sign the form, you should not apply for any job at all.

You can find more information about how to apply here .

Do not apply to apply to the job at any time.

The application deadline for the position you want is:A week from the day you were hired, unless the position is for a specific time period, which is the first week of the next period.

If you do get a job offer from a different employer, make sure to make sure the offer is good and that you will be able to accept it.

If your CV is missing or has a spelling error, make the correct spelling, punctuation or grammar.

The ACCC may take action, such as requiring you to complete a new version of your CV, if required.

The job application form must be sent to the person to whom you apply, or they can send you a PDF copy of the form.

If it is a PDF, you may have to provide the PDF to the employer or the person applying for the same job.

The employer or person must be given access to your CV before it is sent.

Make sure you keep copies of your application and the application form, and that your CV has not been altered.

If your CV contains errors, it can be corrected by contacting the employer.

The employer must give you access to the application process and to the documents you are required to provide.

You must provide all of the required information, including your full name, occupation, phone number and email address.

You must send the completed application and CV to the ACCC by post or by email.

The ACCC will check the email for the information and to verify the email address that was provided to the applicant.

You should include a statement of your reason for not being able to submit the application, including the reason for your absence from work.

The submission deadline for applications submitted online is: Friday 28 October 2018 Monday 31 October 2018


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