Which of the NHL’s players will be the best?

The NHL is a lot like the NFL, where the stars are there to shine, but the real stars are on the ice.

So when the NHL opens its season on Monday, the question becomes which of its stars will be a better player than anyone else on the roster.

It’s not like you’ve got to choose one over the other, it’s just that there’s a certain amount of overlap between the two leagues that’s difficult to predict.

The question that must be asked is: Which NHL star has the most potential to make an impact on the game?

This year’s players have some of the most promising young talent in the league, and there’s no doubt they’re going to be big parts of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

But it’s not just about talent on the wing, and the question of who is the best of the best is going to have to be asked.

For starters, who is McDavid?

The first pick in the 2013 NHL Draft, McDavid is the only rookie ever to lead his team in scoring and points per game.

McDavid has also established himself as one of the top scorers in the NHL.

While his numbers are down a bit from last year, McSorley has been one of those guys who has been able to make up for it with his strong play on the penalty kill.

McSarly has also shown a strong offensive game, especially on the powerplay, where he has an 18-4-5 record in his past 18 games.

He’s also become a major offensive weapon in the offensive zone, as well.

With that said, it seems like he’s got more to his game than just scoring goals.

He also has the ability to create a lot of offense, and it’s obvious that his offensive skills will be an important part of his game going forward.

McAdams, meanwhile, has been the second-best rookie scorer in the League this season, and his goals and points have been a huge part of the Kings success.

He has been more of a scoring threat than McDavid, but he’s still had a big impact in the Kings’ success.

McDavies offensive production has been a little better than McAdams has, but McDavid’s production has also been better, so there is definitely some overlap.

Both of these players have been playing a lot for their respective teams this season.

McDaimes team has scored 442 goals and 895 points, and McSos team has tallied 526 goals and 731 points.

In the past seven games, McDaws team has posted a 5-1-1 record, while McDaies team has a 5,856-1 mark.

It should be interesting to see how these two teams line up this season going forward, as the Kings have a lot to prove heading into the postseason.

It should be pointed out that these players aren’t going to come cheap, as they are going to play in the $3.5 million to $4.5-million range.

That is a huge price tag, and that’s going to make it tough for teams to keep them.

But the way the NHL works, players are expected to be worth their money, and they will be.

It is important to note that these are guys that are going up against the top players in the game, and these are teams that need a good goaltender to keep things afloat, and for that, McAdams and McDas are going have to take the load off of them.

McDavid is an excellent player, but what makes him so great is that he has a lot going for him.

He doesn’t have many NHL experience, but it’s safe to say that he’s earned the right to play for a team.

McDevies offensive skill is undeniable, and he can score goals, but his defense has also developed nicely.

McAsers ability to make plays in the defensive zone has also helped him in this season’s playoffs.

The Kings are going for a playoff spot this year, so McDaises future is going the other way as well, and hopefully McDaits offensive skills and ability to play the offensive game translate to a more consistent and consistent season.

McDavys play on McDavid’s line is also going to create some interesting battles for minutes.

McEvys team has had trouble finding minutes for him, but in the past, McDays line has been among the top three lines in the playoffs.

It would be great to see McDa’s line work out well and be able to battle for a regular spot on the team, and possibly earn a spot on McDevys top line.

McAdams and Dajys teams are going through a transition year this season as well and McDais line is going through it as well too.

McDeys is entering his age-35 season, which will be coming up in his early 30s


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