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Posted October 20, 2018 07:42:16 The retail giant Winn-Dixie has confirmed its biggest business in the country will be relocating to Queensland from Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

Key points:Winn-Dixies chief executive officer Paul Gorman says the company has chosen to relocate to Queensland because of the “good economic conditions”The company said it has hired more than 2,000 people to work in Queensland for the past two yearsWinnDixys parent company Suncorp has announced a $1 billion cash injection to help it compete with other players in the marketWinn Dixie said in a statement that the move would boost the Queensland economy by nearly $20 million a year.

“The decision to relocate our headquarters from Queensland to Queensland will ensure we can continue to deliver innovative and high-quality services to our loyal customers, whilst delivering our business to Queensland in a competitive and efficient manner,” it said.

“As well as ensuring that our businesses remain locally owned, this move will ensure that our existing Australian operations can continue operating and delivering the quality services that our customers want and expect from Winn-Pioneers.”

Winn dixies CEO Paul Gormans statementThe company will continue to operate its existing Queensland offices in Brisbane, Darwin and Townsville.

However, the move to Queensland has the potential to create as many as 4,000 jobs at Winn-dixie’s Queensland headquarters.

It said the move will increase the company’s base in Queensland by nearly 2,500 employees and improve its ability to compete with the likes of Walmart and Coles in the lucrative market for outdoor merchandise.

“Our business will be strengthened by the opportunity to be able to operate and provide quality outdoor and retail retail services to Queensland’s community and to create and recruit new staff,” the statement said. 

The company also said it was making the decision to hire more than 500 people to help with the relocation process.

“While the move may not be as dramatic as other companies’ decision to move their operations overseas, it will help us to strengthen our operations and build on the strong position we have established in Queensland,” it added.

“It is expected that the relocation will allow Winn- Dixie to achieve its stated objectives of strengthening its brand, enhancing our operational performance and increasing its sales and profits.”

Winnie-Dies chief financial officer Chris Kelly said the company was confident of attracting new customers.

“In the face of increasing competition and shifting market conditions, Winn-Diamonds strong competitive position in the outdoor and outdoor retail markets will continue,” he said.

“Winns new headquarters will be located at the new retail site and will be strategically located next to existing businesses, including the existing stores.”

Winnie Diamonds global leadership in outdoor retail and indoor products and services will remain in place as we continue to build our global footprint.

“This move will help strengthen Winn- Diamonds position in this market and will provide a much-needed boost to our overall operating performance.”

A decision on the future of the company is expected to be made in the coming weeks.



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