Why did I vote for Bernie Sanders? The reasons I did, according to an online survey

In the primary, Sanders outperformed Hillary Clinton, capturing the majority of the votes cast.

But he also lost a key demographic: African Americans.

In fact, he lost more votes among African Americans than Clinton did among white voters.

He lost by more than 60,000 votes to Clinton.

Sanders was the only candidate with a higher percentage of African Americans vote than Clinton, according a CNN/ORC poll.

And his loss was especially devastating for Black voters, who comprised 42 percent of the electorate.

Clinton’s margin among African-Americans was even bigger, garnering 54 percent of their votes.

The CNN/Orc poll, conducted in late April, has the potential to change the course of the race for Democrats, which has long been a predominantly white party.

Clinton received more than 1.5 million more votes than Sanders, but his margin of victory was smaller.

Sanders won the support of a bigger share of young voters and white voters, two groups that Clinton often outperformed.

The Sanders campaign is hoping the CNN/ ORC poll will help them reach more Black voters.

But the findings also show a gap in how Sanders’ campaign is reaching out to African-American voters.

The survey’s results also show that African- American voters were much more likely to be undecided.

The majority of Black voters were also more likely than white voters to say that they were leaning toward Sanders in the general election.

While Sanders did not have a large lead among African American voters, he had a significant advantage among young voters, and among voters who said they were undecided.

Clinton also had a substantial advantage among voters under the age of 30.

While young voters were split in their opinions about the presidential candidates, their opinions were not quite as divided as they were in the primary.

Young voters were more likely in their views to support Sanders, who won their support by a larger margin than Clinton.

But Clinton’s advantage among African voters was even more pronounced.

Clinton won them by a nearly 1-to-1 margin, and her margin among voters over the age 50 was just 3 percentage points.

Sanders, meanwhile, won them with a smaller margin, by just under 1 percentage point.

Black voters also voted more heavily for Sanders than Clinton — and they did so overwhelmingly.

Nearly one-third of African- Americans voted for Sanders, compared to just 1 percent for Clinton.

This result, however, is not exactly a surprise.

African- America voters are not as divided on the Democratic presidential candidates as many would like.

African Americans are much more conservative than whites, and there is little evidence that they lean more toward Sanders.

Sanders’ supporters, on the other hand, are often younger, more affluent, and more likely.

This could explain why they were more receptive to his message.

As CNN noted, Sanders did well among younger voters.

Sanders also won more votes from people with a college degree.

However, these voters tend to be more liberal than the average African American voter.

Clinton, on a more conservative track, won the vote from the middle of the range.

And, while Sanders did better among voters younger than 30, Clinton did better with voters between the ages of 30 and 44.

The results of the CNN poll also suggest that Sanders did best among African immigrants.

He won their votes by a bigger margin than they did among the white voters who made up the majority.

And while Sanders won more support among Hispanic voters, Clinton was also the candidate with the highest percentage of the group’s votes.

Sanders did a better job among voters from the bottom of the economic ladder, but Clinton was the candidate who did the best among the bottom fifth.

The 2016 election is shaping up to be one of the most contentious elections in recent memory.

While the Democratic primary is shaping out to be a fairly close race, the outcome of the general race will likely be more unpredictable.

As of Thursday, Clinton had a 5-to, 5-point lead over Sanders in national polls.

But it’s still possible that a contested convention could result in a different result, such as the Democratic National Committee deciding not to allow Sanders to participate.


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